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Christmas Card Competition


 Christmas Card Competition

As a school we send out a Christmas card to members of the community and our helpers. This year we are having a competition for the children to design the card for our school. There will be a winner selected from each year group which will be printed, have the artists name on the reverse and represent our school and it’s Christian values in the community.

Entry Details.

The design must represent a part of the Christmas Story.

 A4 size either landscape or portrait (the design will be reduced to 

     A5 for the card).

 Any medium, paint, pen, pencil, collage. 2D will work best for


 No metallic pens, paper or glitter.

 Your child’s name and class must be written on the reverse of the


Entries to be received by Monday 26th November 2018.

If you need some paper for your design please ask at the school office.

Happy Creating!