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Getting Safely to School

Dear Parents and Carers,

Thank you for all your support today with our new one-way system. It seemed to ease the congestion and I hope it worked as smoothly as possible for you. I have spoken with a number of parents who are really struggling to get from the junior school site to the infant school site due to the different timings. I just want to reiterate that the most important thing to us is that you and your children are safe; please do not rush or be let this be a cause for anxiety. We understand that it is not easy and everyone is doing their best at this tricky time. Your child will not be marked late while these timings are in place and I am happy to work with you to make things easier where I can.

The teachers will let children into the classrooms from 8.45am. This means that when you arrive from 8.45am you are not having to wait around for the class doors to open. I appreciate the walk between the schools can be longer for little ones and so we have been leaving our main gate open until 9.15am when the last couple of parents have arrived. Please just get to us safely and ‘as soon as it is possible’ with managing two different drop-off times. If you have any further concerns please come and speak to me.

Have a restful evening and I will see you tomorrow.

Mrs Clements

(Interim Headteacher)