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Information letter for parents & families starting school September 2020

August 2020

Dear Parents/Carers 


On the 2nd July the Prime Minister announced a plan to open all schools for all children in September.  All children will be expected to return to school in the Autumn term unless they have been issued a shielding letter.  Since the Prime Minister's announcement, schools have now received further guidance documents to inform our decision making as to how this can be made as safe as possible for children, their families and staff.  


Safeguarding our school community remains our first priority.


Having completed a comprehensive risk assessment, we will implement the following safety measures:


  • Before bringing children to school, parents must ensure their child and or anyone in their household are not presenting with any COVID-19 symptoms. These include persistent cough, high temperature and or loss of taste and smell. If your child develops these symptoms they will need to be tested. In accordance to the guidance, if the test delivers a positive result, you should inform the school immediately and must isolate for 7 days and the household for 14 days. If the test delivers a negative result and symptoms cease, they can return to school. We ask that parents provide the school with evidence that the test was negative for the family, which could be sight of or a copy of the information you have received showing the negative result.


  • If a child becomes ill with COVID-19 symptoms while in school, they will be isolated in a safe and secure area and their parent/carer will be contacted to collect them immediately. We would ask that your child is taken to be tested for COVID- 19 and the result of the test given to the school. If no test is completed, 14 days of isolation will still be required. A test can be booked on the NHS testing and tracing for coronavirus website:


  • Schools are expected to take swift action if we become aware that someone who has attended the site is tested positive for coronavirus. We will contact the local health protection team immediately who will carry out a rapid risk assessment and will then guide us as to what needs to be done. It is therefore very important that if your child shows any of the signs of coronavirus you take them and your family for a test so that we can safeguard the rest of the school community appropriately.


  • Please be aware that if a child or staff member is tested for Covid-19 and a positive result is received – the whole of the bubble in which the child or staff member worked may be required to isolate at short notice for 14 days. Parents will be informed immediately if this is the case by email or phone call


Staggered start to the School Day

Children will have staggered starts to the day as well as staggered pick up times at the end of every day. Parents will be expected to drop off and pick up at specific gates. Unfortunately children will not be able to store bikes and scooters at school. If your children rides or scoots to school with you, you will be required to take them home.


Drop off and Pick Up Times

Year Group

Drop off times

Pick up times

Year R

8.50 am


Year 1



Year 2




•        Year R will arrive at 8.50am and leave at 3.10pm

•        Year R children will come through a marked gate (Year R only) next to the main car park. They may wait at social distance from others on the grassed area in front of the school then enter the Year R base through the blue door at the front of the school. The entrance area will be supervised by a staff member am and pm.

•        At the end of the day children will be collected through the same doors for Willow and Holly children whilst Oak children may be collected from the rear Year R play area and Oak class external doors.


•        Year 1 will arrive at 9:00am and leave at 3.15pm

•        Year 1 children will enter the school site via the main car park gates and walk through the next set of blue gates, past the school hall at the rear of the school building and convene near to their external class doors. Social distancing measures should be observed by parents & children. Collection of children at the end of the school day will also be accessed via this route


•        Year 2 will arrive at 9:00am and leave at 3.15pm

•        Year 2 children will come through the large wooden gate at Twiggs end of the school. Sycamore children will enter through the fire exit door at the front of the school and exit via the same door at the end of the school day. Chestnut will enter the school via their external school door next to the Waterside room at the rear of the school. They will exit through the same door at the end of the school day. Beech class will enter the school via the Year 2 blue doors at the rear of the school and also be collected via this door at the end of school.


Government guidance is that children must have their allocated hours per school day therefore early pick up is not recommended. Please ensure that all parents who are waiting to pick up or drop off in the morning maintain social distancing and encourage their children do the same to avoid potential transmission of the virus.


  School Routines


  • Children will disinfect hands on arrival and hand washing will continue throughout the day especially at snack, play, lunch and home time.


  • There will be an enhanced cleaning regime in school including toilets, door handles and light switches throughout the day.


  • Playtimes and lunchtimes will be staggered.


  • Each class will have an allocated boy and girl toilet.


  • Tables and chairs will be disinfected at the end of each day as will any shared resources.


  • 1:1 support will be in place for those children with an EHCP.


  • We will endeavour to social distance wherever possible.


  • Children will be able to order a meal from the school kitchen.  Please make school aware if you qualify for Free School Meals for your child (due to parents receiving income support) as this accesses additional Pupil Premium funds to spend on children in school. All Infant children receive a Universal Free School Meal, which is recorded differently.
  • Year R-2 children will have a snack provided during the morning – please do not send snacks in with your child




Contact with the Office/School Staff


If you need to speak to a teacher or a member of the office staff please email or telephone the school. PLEASE do not visit the front office at any time or ask to speak to teachers at drop off and pick up times. Staff will be able to phone you or arrange for virtual meetings on request at a mutually convenient time.


We understand that many of you will have questions – we will do our best to answer these and share further information with all parents as and when it becomes available.  We will monitor and update our plan and risk assessments in line with the Government guidance as it becomes available.


Thank you again for your continued support, patience and understanding in this very difficult time.


Kind regards


Mrs Iley Clements