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September 2020 - Important Information


Important information about returning

to school in September.


  • Please regularly check the school website. Information will continue to be uploaded throughout the holiday and also just shortly before school is set to reopen.
  • Crucially, we will publish a new and updated Risk Assessment, which will hopefully reassure you that we are taking every measure we can to ensure children and staff remain safe in these uncertain times.
  • School returns for children on Friday 4th September 2020. (So sorry to be a Friday – but this is Hampshire Local Authority term dates and not the school’s choice!)
  • Until further notice there will be a staggered start/end to the day for children: This ensures that the cohorts are spread out at both drop off and collection times and this reduces the risk of sharing the virus. Please avoid arriving too early and if you arrive late, entrance should be through the main school foyer which will be managed as usual by the office staff.
  • Arrangements for entry and exit are as follows:
    • Year R will arrive at 8.50am and leave at 3.10pm
    • Year R children will come through a marked gate (Year R only) next to the main car park. They may wait at social distance from others on the grassed area in front of the school then enter the Year R base through the blue door at the front of the school. The entrance area will be supervised by a staff member am and pm.
    • At the end of the day Year R children will be collected through the same doors for Willow and Holly children whilst Oak children may be collected from the rear Year R play area and Oak class external doors.
    • Year 1 will arrive at 9:00am and leave at 3.15pm
    • All Year 1 children will enter the school site via the main car park gates and walk through the next set of blue gates, past the school hall at the rear of the school building and convene near to their external class doors. Social distancing measures should be observed by parents & children. Collection of children at the end of the school day will also be accessed via this route.
    • Year 2 will arrive at 9:00am and leave at 3.15pm
    • Year 2 children will come through the large wooden gate at Twiggs end of the school. Sycamore children will enter through the fire exit door at the front of the school and exit via the same door at the end of the school day. Chestnut will enter the school via their external school door next to the Waterside room at the rear of the school. They will exit through the same door at the end of the school day. Beech class will enter the school via the Year 2 blue doors at the rear of the school and also be collected via this door at the end of school.
  • All messages from parents should be communicated by phone to the main office
    023 8086 8819 or by email 
  • Parents should settle their children prior to entering the school. Staff must take reasonable precautions and professional judgement in physically supporting children through the school doors if children are not emotionally settled to leave parents. Unfortunately parents will not be allowed to enter the school doors with their child.