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So today is the day that we will start the VIRTUAL Easter hunt. This is how it will work.
We have a very cheeky Easter Bunny in school. Her name is Becky. She keeps hopping away from school when she’s doing her daily hour of exercise!
She has been taking selfies in different locations around Marchwood.
You will need to look very carefully at the selfies that Becky posts on our Facebook page (Marchwood Infants) to try work out where in Marchwood she has been.
When you think you know where the location is, please message us through our Facebook page with the name of the location.

DO NOT TRY TO VISIT THIS LOCATION TO FIND BECKY!! She’s a very shy Easter Bunny and she will have hopped off by the time you get there. And we all need to STAY AT HOME!

When we receive your message we will then message you back with a secret letter.
There will be 5 pictures, over 5 days and you will be sent 5 secret letters.
On the 5th day you will have enough secret letters to unscramble them to make an Easter word. When you know the word, send it as a message through our Facebook page.
The school PTA will kindly fund the purchase of some scrummy Easter treats that we will save in school for the children to enjoy when school re-opens.

I know this is a little bit different from the normal Easter Egg hunt that we would do in school. But hopefully the children will enjoy this and will look forward to a little treat when we’re all back in school together.

Look out for the first clue later today.