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This Friday, 8th May, marks 75 years since the first VE Day.


Victory in Europe Day was first celebrated on 8th May 1945 (75 years ago). This a special day as it marked the day that Germany was defeated and the Second World War (which lasted about 6 years) had ended. 


It was a time to celebrate. People ran out on to the streets, hanging bunting and banners and dancing. Everyone brought out food to share at street parties. Church bells rang across the country to share the news that there was peace in Europe. 


At the time, King George VI was King and a man called Winston Churchill was Prime Minister.


Who is our Prime Minister now?

Do we still have a King? What is their name?


Have a look at some of the activities below. You could have a go at some of these, and even had a little party to celebrate!


VE Day Activities