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Our different journeys

Over the last couple of weeks in RE we have been thinking about different journeys we have been on and what has been at the end of them. 


Elliot said " I went on a journey, it was quite long but at the end I was at Centre Parks, so I felt happy."


Other children shared stories of journeys that didn't have the ending they were expecting. 


"We had to go for a really long dog walk in the forest, at the end I thought we could go in the park, but actually I just had to pick up the dog's poo!"


"I went on holiday and it rained every day."


"I went on holiday and when I got there, there was no water in the swimming pool!"


We went on our own journeys around the school grounds. Unfortunately the first journey did not have a happy ending. We hopped, jumped and skipped around the playground following clues that the Gruffalo had left for us, but at the end of the journey all we found was a boring old, empty sack!


We felt...."sad, miserable, grumpy, disappointed, cross, angry, let down and mad!"


Fortunately, our second journey had a happier ending. We followed another GRuffalo trail around the playground and at the end The Gruffalo had left us a treasure chest full of delicious chocolate coins!


This time we felt...."happy, excited, glad, thankful, grateful, fantastic, smiley!"


Our different journeys