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Our visit from Hampshire Fire and Rescue

We couldn't believe our eyes when we received a letter from Harry and Betty to say that they had arranged for Hampshire Fire and Rescue to come into Year 1 to teach us about staying safe. 

We met a lovely firefighter called Firefighter Paul who taught us all about staying safe at home and the things that were safe to touch, and not safe to touch. We had great fun playing playing the 'Touch, Don't Touch' game. 

Then Paul taught us about smoke alarms and how important they are, some children even got the chance to press the button! We were all surprised at how loud it was!

Paul then taught us about the clothes a firefighters wears and explained how their special uniform helps to protect them from the heat, dark, smoke and other dangers. 

We had a fantastic morning and learnt lots about keeping safe. 


" I liked it when Adam got to wear the uniform and he waved the big gloves at me." - Jared Deverill-West

" I loved pushing the button on the smoke alarm , it was very loud." - Oscar Millard



Children, maybe you could teach your grown-ups the rhyme we learnt? 


Matches, lighters never touch, 

they can hurt you very much!


Get out, stay out, call 999!

Our visit from Firefighter Paul