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Energise me and Hampshire schools games have daily challenges for pupils and schools to win prizes

CBBC Andy's wild workouts


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A message from Coach Carley  4th May 2020

Hi all. I am loving seeing how everyone is keeping healthy and active whilst being at home. Huge well done those children who are preserving and mastering new skills. I’m looking for some ‘ Healthy Selfies’ of you keeping fit and healthy by yourself or with your family. You can send your pictures via the school email or post on our facebook page so we can celebrate with you. smiley


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Here is today’s activity. Although it was a lovely sunny day when I took this video it can easily be completed indoors. With maybe a washing up or mixing bowl. Instead of a ball I used scrunched newspaper and rolled up socks. Maybe you could try it by yourselves!
I really miss our PE lessons and School clubs but hope you’ve all enjoyed having a go at something from these activities. Stay safe and well and look forward to seeing you all soon. Coach Carley xx

Invasion Sprint Challenge.

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Here is today’s invasion/sprint challenge. Can you avoid the stinky socks or terrible teddies? You could also try to roll a ball to catch your partners feet.
Please stay safe, stay active and importantly have fun!

Jump Circuit

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Hello wonderful parents, we had a family jump circuit set up in our garden. I used socks for hop scotch, towels and tea towels. Make a cross to jump around, down through the hopscotch, two feet jump over the middle, then swap. who is the fastest or best jumper in your house?
I have loved seeing the chalk assault courses throughout the village. Some very immaginative ways of travelling and keeping active.x

Easter Monday

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Today's challenge! I used a football, rugby ball and rolled up socks. You could also use teddies or other objects that you can find. I'm doing toe taps and moving the ball around my body. How can you move the ball? What body part can you use?

Easter Fun

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Today Stanley and I made our own assualt course. After several attempts, as Stanley kept taking the balls and teddies, we got there. I used gloves, scrves, cushions etc; I can't wait to see what ideas you come up with!

Coach Carley - Target Challenge

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I am using washing baskets placed apart and rolled up socks. You could chalk a score next to each container. Counting in 2's, 5's and 10's maybe. Can you beat your parents?

Coach Carley - Movement challenge

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You can do this inside or out in the garden. You can use paper, books or even teddies. Lie them on the floor and off you go!
What different ways of travelling can you do?

Coach Carley - Balloon Fun

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Can you keep the balloon in the air?. Let it drop to your nose, shoulders, tummy, knees and ankle before batting it back into the air. I made a bat from a paper plate and lolly stick to help too. How many can you do?

Coach Carley - Gym Shapes

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Good morning from me and stanley. Can you remember the 5 gymnastics shapes? Straight, star, tuck, straddle and pike!
Have a go at making a routine and teach it to someone else.