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Week 11


Hi Everyone!


Lets recap our sounds and move our bodies! 


Shout out a phoneme (letter sound) and challenge your child to make something starting with that sound using their body.


Example. You could say /C/ and your child could make their body into the shape of a cat. 


After each sound or all of the sounds then you could use the home learning book to write the words. Encourage your child to sound out the word and to record the sounds they hear.


If your child has forgotten some of the phonemes then we recommend using Geraldine the Giraffe on Youtube to support their development within phonics.


Need a little more...


Encourage your child to put the word into a sentence. Model exciting sentences if your child is struggling with this. 


Your child may say "The cat is on the mat" 

You could say "The sleepy cat in asleep on the blue mat"

By adding additional words to your child's sentence then you will be enhancing their vocabulary in a meaningful context to them. You could take the example one step at a time and take it in turns to add an adjective or verb. 

You can choose to write these sentences if you would like to but speaking and listening are also really important areas of child development.