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Week 12


Hi Everyone!


We hope you have all had a lovely weekend. 


This week we have an activity for you to complete. 


Download the sheet below and see if you can read the sentences and add the missing words. You can either print the sheet off or complete it on a computer. 


Once you have finished then you can write the sentence in the space.


I have included the /oa/ digraph in the reading. If you are unsure of the sound this digraph makes then check out the video below.


If this activity is too tricky for you then ask a grown-up to cut out the words. Have a go at sticking the sentence in the correct order.


If you are still finding it a little tricky then practice saying the sounds and blend the words together with your grown up. You could focus on b-u-s and r-e-d to begin with. 


Once you have found the sounds then can you find a tricky words in the sentence?

Geraldine the Giraffe learns /oa/

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