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Phonics and Reading

Phonics Tasks


This week in Phonics we are revisiting trigraphs. Trigraphs are where 3 letters (graphemes) make one sound (phoneme). 

- Monday - igh (jump up high)  Words to use: light, fright, high, sigh

- Tuesday - ear (pull your ear) Words to use: year, clear, ear, fear

- Wednesday - air (that's not fair) Words to use: hair, fair, stairs, chair


Thursday and Friday we are exploring the uncommon trigraphs that make the same sound as other digraphs. 


- Thursday - are and ear (which makes the air sound) Words to use: wear, tear, spare, share

 - Friday - oor and ore (which make the or sound) Words to use: floor, poor, more, shore


Activities to try:

Watch the Mr Thorne Does Phonics clips (if you can focus on one digraph a day) and play Obb and Bob/Buried Treasure on Phonics Play that matches the digraph of the day.


You can have a go at reading the sentences for each day as well.

Reading Tasks

Have a listen to the 'Bee Calm' story below and talk through the questions below. 


What adjectives does the author use to describe where he lives?


Talk about the different characters Bentley Bee meets on his journey. What are they doing? Are they kind characters?


*Listen out for any rhyming words you might hear!


*Have a go at joining in with the yoga poses that the bee sees on his journey. 


Storytime #ReadAloud #BedtimeStories #InternationalYogaDay #YogaforKids ABOUT the Book by Dr. Frank Sileo, illustrated by Clair Keay In thi...

Read the story below called 'Bees Like Flowers'.


- What rhyming words can you find?


- What facts have you found out from this story?