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Preparing your child for school - The School Day & Parent Helpers



The School Day & Parent Helpers

Break times

  • The whole school has morning play at 10.30am – 10.45am in the main playground. Year R children join the rest of the school after a few weeks when they have learnt routines during their separate playtime at about 10.15 a.m.
  • Access to the climbing frame on the main playground is restricted to children on a rota system.
  • Children are well supervised and quickly learn boundaries and play time rules.
  • All reports of ‘bullying’ or unkind behaviour are listened to and looked into as close to the time of the incident as possible by the member of staff on duty. However, if something continues to affect your child at home, please speak to the class teacher in the first instance. If you feel the issue has not been resolved in an acceptable time frame please then speak to the Headteacher.

PLEASE STRESS TO YOUR CHILD THE IMPORTANCE OF INFORMING AN ADULT IN SCHOOL ABOUT ANY ISSUE THAT IS WORRYING OR UPSETTING THEM AS CLOSE TO WHEN IT HAPPENS AS POSSIBLE. School staff will address all concerns in a timely and caring way but the best results are those where immediate action is taken as close to the time of the issue as possible.

  • Every class has a designated (Midday Supervisory Assistant) who cares for them throughout lunchtime play and will therefore deal with any issues that arise during this period.
  • Fresh fruit and vegetables are provided for the children daily and are eaten in class just before or just following play time. Parents can also choose to join the ‘Cool Milk’ scheme, which is independently accessed directly by parents – not via the school. Please refer to the registration documents in your pack. (Note: Milk for under 5’s is FREE. Please inform us immediately of any allergies).



  • Three choices of a healthy free meal are offered daily.  Menus are based on a three week cycle. This cycle is changed twice per year in April and October. Children choose the RED ‘meat’ option or GREEN ‘non meat’ option at morning registration time and register with the corresponding ticket. In addition we offer a PURPLE Picnic Lunch option for the summer menu or a Jacket Potato from October.  These are set fillings/toppings for each day of the week, details of these can be found on the school website. More information on School Meals can be obtained from the school website or from the HC3S website:
  • Alternatively children may bring a lunch box from home (named clearly) with a healthy packed lunch AND drink*. NO PEANUT BUTTER/PEANUTS, SWEETS OR FIZZY DRINKS PLEASE. (*Water is available in the lunch hall if no drink is provided from home).
  • If your child has a food allergy or cannot eat a certain food for medical reasons, in order for us to provide a suitable menu, you will need to complete a Medically Identified Special Diet Application (HC300) preferably by 1st July 2019 you can find this on the HC3S at . For more information on the allergy diets provided by HC3s please visit Alternatively paper copies of this form are available from the school office.



  • Physical activity is an important part of the school curriculum and every child must take part in designated PE lessons unless medical reasons prevent this. (Please write a letter requesting permission to withdraw your child if this is the case).
  • Children will change into a tee shirt and shorts and be bare foot for PE in the hall during the autumn term and plimsolls/trainers for outdoors PE (summer term). 
  • When your child starts school, they will need to bring a NAMED bag containing their NAMED PE kit.  This needs to be left in school at all times.  PE kits will be sent home periodically for washing.
  • Year R gradually learn the routines for PE and use a basket to keep their clothes safe and organised. Children are expected to be able to dress and undress themselves independently in a suitable time period – so practice at home would benefit this.
  • NO EARRINGS other than stud earrings are to be worn for PE and you will be notified as to which are your child’s PE days so that earrings can be taken out at home. Failing this, children’s ears will be taped with suitable tape. Children with long hair will need to have their hair in a pony tail or bunches for all sporting activities.
  • Swimming is not a part of the Infant School curriculum – please pursue swimming as a family activity outside of school in preparation for your child’s Junior School swimming curriculum.


Collective Worship

  • As a Church of England Infant School we hold a daily Collective Worship to reflect and praise upon Christian values and beliefs. We will often compare Christian values and beliefs with those held by other religions and we are sensitive to the needs of children who attend the school but who may hold another faith or come from families of no faith. Please inform the Headteacher if your family or your child require personal religious events or festivals to be observed / noted.
  • Year R have their own Collective Worship to begin with and learn the routines before joining the older children.
  • Parents are invited to share a Collective Worship, which will be presented by their child’s class. Parents are also invited to our Celebration Collective Worship on Friday afternoon, on a Year Group rotation (you may also be invited if your child has a birthday in that week).  This starts promptly at 2.30pm, late entry is not permitted.  Please refer to the school website calendar and newsletters which will inform you of the dates and times of these events.
  • Younger siblings are welcome to join us for Collective Worship but please remove them from the worship if they are struggling to cope and then re-enter and engage if they settle.  (Please note: pushchairs/buggies are not allowed in school)  


Illness and Absence

  • Please do not send your child to school if they are poorly. If they have been vomiting or have diarrhoea, 48 hours should elapse with no further ‘incidents’ occurring before they return to school.
  • Please telephone, write or visit the school office to inform us of the reason your child is absent from school ON THE FIRST AND EVERY DAY OF ABSENCE. If we do not know the reason for an absence your child will be marked as having unauthorised absence from their schooling. Where no notice of absence has been received school staff will have to contact the home or write a letter seeking the reason for the absence. Your help on this issue is therefore most helpful and saves office staff time in ‘chasing up’ missing children.
  • Please keep the school office informed of any changes of telephone numbers, and contact details. This is essential for the very rare occasion of staff needing to contact parents where a medical or other emergency has occurred.
  • We prefer not to be responsible for administering medicines but will do so if the medicine has been prescribed by a doctor and it is recommended that 4 or more times daily is required.  We need to be fully informed of how the medicine is to be administered and the correct dosage.  Parents will need to sign a form at the school office in order for medicines to be administered to children.  All medicines should be in a clearly named container, with a spoon and handed in to the office by a responsible adult. Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES should children be given medicine to bring to school themselves.
  • Please check your child’s hair weekly for head lice and treat immediately informing the school so other parents can be vigilant.
  • You can apply for authorised absence for an exceptional reason or circumstance outside of the normal school holiday periods.  An absence form is obtainable from the school office and must be filled in and returned to await the Headteacher’s authorisation. Authorisation will only be given for exceptional circumstances where as much detail has been offered by the applicant as is possible to support the Headteacher’s decision making.  Authorisation will not be given after the absence has been taken.
  • Further information on absences can be obtained from the school office and website.



  • We aim to be a paper-less school and no longer send regular paper newsletters and reminders home to parents.
  • A weekly newsletter is published every Friday via the school website.  Please keep yourself informed of events, important dates, information and celebrations by checking the website every week to avoid disappointment.
  • If you do not have access to the internet a few paper copies of the newsletter are available from the School Office counter on a Friday after school.
  • Please check your child’s book bag daily for any letters or home learning/reading.
  • If you would like to leave a messages or questions for your child’s teacher – this can be done at the entrance to the class in the morning. If a staff member is unavailable to answer your enquiry straight away, staff will get back to you as soon as possible.
  • Our “Open Door Policy” is an unofficial policy whereby staff or the Headteacher aim to address your questions or needs on the day that you raise them. This is not always possible but we will endeavour to meet or chat with you as soon as possible after receiving your request. Where possible, please do not wait for official parent consultation times offered termly to raise your questions or concerns – chat with us frequently and this will help inform open and speedy communications with you.


Parent Help

  • We welcome the help of parents in school to support a range of activities. A letter requesting your support is sent home near the start of term. The school would appreciate regular parent helpers so that adult support can be planned. Parent helpers would also be welcomed on special occasions such as walking to the local church or attendance on school educational trips. However, DBS (Disclosure & Barring Service) checks on all helpers is vigorously undertaken by the school before helpers are allowed to work with children.
  • The Parent Teacher Association is an enthusiastic, friendly group of parents that support the school in many ways. Marchwood C of E Infant PTA is a registered charity and ALL parents are automatically members of the PTA. Please join the regular PTA meetings and offer your support. These meetings are advertised on the school newsletter and website.
  • You can help your child do well at school by talking to them about their day, attending school meetings and functions, sharing books together and supporting topic activities and home learning.