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PSHE and English

It's Good To Be Me!


Write your name in a cloud shape at the top of a page in your home learning book.


Then write down some adjectives underneath in different rainbow colours you think best describe you!


These could be words such as kind, friendly, calm, happy, helpful or thoughtful. Talk to your grown ups about this to help you. I'm sure your mummy, daddy, grandparents, aunts, uncles or even cousins could help you with this!


You could even include your age, favourite colour, favourite food, hobbies and even the pets you have. 


What's Good About Me?


Listen to the 'Happy I'm a Hippo' story read by Mrs Jerome below (link takes you to our Storytime page, will need to scroll down to the story, no.11). 


Talk about what was good about the hippo and then think about what is good about you. 


Are you a good friend?

Do you help your mummy or daddy tidy up?

Do you like to make people smile?

Are you a good football player?

Then have a go at writing an acrostic poem all about what is good about you. 


You need to write your name down the left hand side of your page (each letter can be written in a different colour, just like a rainbow). You need to think carefully as the adjectives need to start with the letters in your name. 


Have a look at my example to help you. Just make sure you have enough space on your page as I ran out. Oops!

Who is your hero?


Now that you have spent some time thinking about 'What's Good About You' it's now time to think about what makes someone else good.


Have a think and talk to your grown up about who your hero is and what makes them good.


Draw a picture of your hero in your Home Learning Book and write some sentences explaining why they are good. 


Remember to use our Year 1 Writing Rules!