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Reading and Phonics

Reading Activity


If you have been reading books, have a favourite book or listening to some online why not write down a review! You could use the template attached below or create your own in your home learning book. 


Make sure your include the Title, Author and what you liked about the story. You could even give it a STAR rating out of 5 (5 stars being great, 1 star being not good).


Draw and colour a picture from your favourite part of the story. 


If you are creating your own book review you could challenge yourself to include what you didn't like and if anything puzzled you or made you think.

Phonics Activity


In Phonics we have learnt that there are different digraphs that make the same sound. This week explore the 'ay' family. You could play the game attached below, hunt for them in the books you are reading or even try to write down as many words as you can with these sounds in. Make sure you put on your sound buttons (sausages, beans and spaghetti Birch class!) to help you.


Check our Mr Thorne Does Phonics and Geraldine Giraffe on You Tube to help remind you if you get stuck.


ay - ay ay lets go play

ai -   ai ai I hear rain

a_e* -  a_e a_e bake a cake


* This digraph is called a Split Vowel Digraph (as the a and e are split up by a consonant within a word). Essentially the 'e' does not make a sound and the vowel within the word makes the sound of the letter name.

Can you find all the words with ay, ai, a_e in? Are there any other words that have the 'ay' sound in?

Can you sort these words by the digraph in them? What do you notice? If the digraph at the beginning, middle or end of the word?