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Reading and Phonics

Reading Activity


Good and Bad Characters!


Think about the characters in the stories you have been listening to or reading. Some characters could be good and some could be bad. Talk you grown ups about them and try using 'because' to explain why. 


Are they a good character? Why?

Are they a bad character? Why?


You could draw some pictures of the good and bad characters in your Home Learning book and write a sentence to tell us why you think this. 


You could use these sentence stems to help you:


_______ is a good character because _________


_______ is a bad character because __________



Example - Little Red Riding Hood


The wolf is a bad character because he tricked Little Red Riding Hood.


The woodcutter is a good character because he saved Grandma.

Phonics Activity


In Phonics we have learnt that there are different digraphs that make the same sound. This week explore the 'ee' family. You could play the activities attached below, hunt for them in the books you are reading or even try to write down as many words as you can with these sounds in. Make sure you put on your sound buttons (sausages, beans and spaghetti Birch class!) to help you.


Check our Mr Thorne Does Phonics and Geraldine Giraffe on You Tube to help remind you if you get stuck.



ey - ey ey monkey

ea - ea ea thread the bead

y - y y sunny

e_e* -  e_e e_e Christmas eve

ie - ie ie thief



* This digraph is called a Split Vowel Digraph (as the e and e are split up by a consonant within a word). Essentially the 'e' does not make a sound and the vowel within the word makes the sound of the letter name.