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Reading and Phonics

Phonics Activity


The children can use the picture actions that they have learnt to uncover the secret words. Your child can match each picture to the sound, then write the sound to match each picture and lastly read the word. There are sound buttons in the boxes to support them. 


Continue playing the Phonic Games on Phonics Play (link and log in details provided below). 

Reading Activity


It is important to keep reading and listening to a range of books, including poems, facts and even leaflets! 


Have a go at the task below. 

You could  listen to this story or turn off the sound and read it yourself. Then talk to your grown up about the questions below:


What rhyming words can you find in the story?


Infer: How do you think the bunnies felt when the fox appeared? Why?


Recall: Why did the bunnies clap for the fox?


Did the fox turn out to be a bad character? Why?


Predict: What could happen next in the story?


Recall: What did the bunnies like to do?


Have a look at the title of the story 'Every Bunny Dance'. Why do you think the author chose this title? Can you you think of a different title?


Grown Ups - you could talk to your child(ren) about the play on words with Bunny and Body and how the author cleverly used this to link her story to the characters.