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Reading and Phonics

Reading Task


Listen to the stories below and write a book review about them. Try turning the sound off the first story so you can have a go at reading it yourselves (grown ups you might need to pause the clip if you are doing this).


You do not need to print out the template below as it can easily be recreated in your home learning book. 


What were your favourite parts? 

What were your least favourite parts?


Which was your favourite story out of the 2?


Do they remind you of any other stories you know of, or have read?

Bubble Trouble, a story for children

Bubble Trouble, a story for children about a naughty crocodile, a monkey, a parrot and pack of bubble gum. Story read by Teacher Daniel This video can help c...

Bubble Trouble by Margaret Mahy and Polly Dunbar

Read with publishers permission. Bubble Trouble text copyright © Margaret Mahy 2008, illustration copyright © Polly Dunbar 2008. Published by Frances Lincoln...

Phonics Task - Revising Split Vowel Digraphs


- Monday - a_e (bake a cake)  Words to use: snake, lake, make, awake

- Tuesday - e_e (Christmas eve) Words to use: even, theme, complete, these

- Wednesday - i_e (down the slide) Words to use: slide, shine, inside, prize

- Thursday - o_e (dinosaur bone) Words to use: stone, robe, throne, home

 - Friday - u_e (sugar cube) Words to use: cube, huge, flute, prune


Activities to try:

 *Sky writing the digraphs using the bubble snakes / wands you have made.

*Putting letters inside hoops or chalk circles. Children to jump from 'bubble' to 'bubble' sound out the letter and blending the word at the end. This could even be drawn out on paper and a toy could jump from each bubble. You will need up to 8 'bubbles' depending on the length of the word. 


Watch the Mr Thorne Does Phonics clips (if you can focus on one digraph a day) and play Obb and Bob/Buried Treasure on Phonics Play that matches the digraph of the day. 


How to find the games to practise sounding out and blending on Phonics Play:


1. Log in.

2. Click on Phase 5.

3. Scroll down to Picnic on Pluto or Buried Treasure.

4. Click on 'Next'.

5. Select Phase 5 again

6. Click on the digraph of the day. 

7. Click on 'Get Snack' or 'Get Coin' to get the word.


Your child needs to sound out the word and then decide it is is real (Bob or Treasure) or alien (Obb or Rubbish).