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Reading and Phonics



This week in Phonics we are revisiting 2 more consonant clusters. A consonant cluster is when two or more consonants are positioned together. They can appear at the start of a word or the end of a word. 


We are also revisiting our 'soft' C and G sounds as they can make a different sound! 


Follow the teaching PowerPoint to support with Home Learning. This will revisit last weeks work as well as move on to the phoneme we are focusing on each day. 


1. Practice saying the cluster sound/soft sound in silly voices to make it memorable.

2. Then have a go at reading the words in the PowerPoint with the cluster/soft sound.

3. There is a task to complete - this varies depending on the day. A link to PhonicsPlay is included for  Wednesday and Thursday to help with the alternative 'G' and 'C' sounds.

4. Finally there are some sentences to read with contain words with the cluster sound or soft sound of the day in. 



1. Listen to the story 'Max' by Bob Graham.

2. Think about what you liked and disliked about the story.


3. Draw a picture of what you liked about the story and write a sentence telling us why you liked it. Then do the same for the part you disliked. 


Use these sentence stems to help you if you'd like:


I liked it when ............... because.......


I disliked it when .......... because......

Max by Bob Graham Storybook

Superhero storybook read aloud.