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It's now the Summer term in Rowan Class.  


Have a look at what we've been up to so far......

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STEM activities are based on the idea of educating children in four specific areas - science, technology, engineering and mathematics - in a fun, practical and multidisciplinary way. These are all areas of learning that we would like children to become comfortable with to help them excel in the future. By exposing young children to STEM and giving them opportunities to explore STEM-related concepts, they will have the opportunity to develop a passion for it and perhaps pursue a job in a STEM field in the future.


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Pass the parcel RE!

What a wonderful educational trip we had at Marwell Zoo last week.

We enjoyed the bumpy coach journey and learnt lots about grouping animals at the Science Centre with Emma and Chris.  The children stroked a rock python called Bobo and a brown rat called Quill that was really an albino rat with white fur and pink eyes.  Rowan class found out that animals belong to 5 different groups that all have different characteristics - reptiles/amphibians/mammals/birds and fish.  


After a delicious packed lunch overlooking the zebra enclosure we walked around the zoo exploring the Tropical House trying to find the sloth.  No luck today!  We did see a leopard, 7 giraffes having lunch, a tiger, flamingos and penguins.  The meerkats had gone on holiday but we did spot several amazing Lego dinosaurs and we read how many hours each model had taken to build.  We might have a go back at school!  


It was a truly brilliant day and Rowan class learnt such a lot including some brand new scientific language. 

When we got back to school we spent our English lessons writing up an exciting recount which Mum's and Dads were invited in to read. 


Thank you very much to the Mummies, Granny and Gramps who helped out on the trip.We hope you managed to get a cup of tea and a rest when you got home!