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Scarecrow Fun

Inspired by our Scarecrows Wedding topic we decided to paint a scarecrow's face on a canvas using acrylic paints. We looked at different ideas from the internet and decided on the ones that were our favourite. We planned and drew our ideas for our own scarecrows and talked about whether we were happy with our design and choice of colours. We had to think carefully about choosing a nice, bright colour for the background, and then a contrasting colour for our scarecrows face, some children decided to change their original design so that it looked better on the canvas. 


We layered acrylic paints to create our scarecrow and then made it more interesting by adding some 3D details.The children chose whether they would like their scarecrow to be a boy or a girl, they chose which colours to use and they also chose which extra details they would like to use to enhance the look of their scarecrow. 


The finished artwork looks amazing, and they are all very unique and individual. We then sold them to our Mum's and Dads!  The money that was raised from this was spent on baubles that we decorated for Christmas.