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To support your child’s learning they will be bringing home various resources to share with you.  This may be a reading book, a library book, a maths game or similar.  We would appreciate your help in keeping our resources safe and in good condition by encouraging your child to look after items, follow our book handling rules below and return them on time.


Here are the book handling rules that we follow in school. 

  1. Make sure your hands are clean.
  2. Never eat or drink when reading your book.
  3. Never write or colour in a reading book.
  4. Turn the pages carefully and from the outside edge (especially for bigger books).
  5. Don’t lend your book to younger children (or the dog).
  6. Always keep your books in your book bag, prior to and after reading so they are in school when needed. (occasionally book choosing days may change)
  7. Never put your water bottle or snack in your book bag.
  8. Make sure your book is returned to school when it is due.


Library Policy

Every child has an allowance of one book per week.  Therefore the loan period is 7days.  If your child needs more time to finish a book they will need to return the book to renew the loan on their library day. 

If a book has not been returned, in the first instance, the child will get a verbal reminder they can return the book the next day and may be allowed to come and choose a new book.  (Year R children may be given a print out of their loan to help them locate it.)

If the book is not returned for a second week ( 7days overdue) a formal reminder letter will be issued.  Please note children will be unable to take another book until the outstanding loan has been returned.


Unfortunately accidents do happen and if a book should get damaged, please return it with a note of the page, so it can be repaired.  Please never use clear sticky tape to mend a book at home, I have special tape for this purpose and a lot of experience. If a book should get lost or damaged through lack of care, we will ask for a small donation of £5 towards a replacement.  Please bear in mind that many of our reading books are in sets and so to lose one copy renders the whole set unusable.


Our aim is to teach the children to respect and look after property and appreciate that all our resources are shared by every child in school and so need to be kept in a condition that everyone can enjoy.  We in turn will try to keep our resources current and in a condition that enhances your child’s learning experience.


Thank you

Use this link to visit our Library Page on the children tab.  You will find a recommended book list published by the SLS (School Library Service) of suggested titles to read before your child starts school.