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Animal Habitat

Inspiration taken from Ava in Rowan Class!


She made a wonderful habitat for a tiger. Have you found out some facts about a certain animal over the past few weeks? Or do you have a favourite animal?


Find out some information about where they live and have a go a making a habitat (home) for them. This could be done as a diorama (in a box) like Ava or you could draw a picture, make it out of lego - there are lots of ways to create this. 

As part of our Feathers, Fur and Scales topic we would have also been looking at animal bodies and the similarities and differences to human bodies. 


You could a draw a picture of different types of animals (think back to your sorting of reptiles, mammals, amphibians, fish and birds)  and label the different body parts. 



Think about: 


What body parts do we have in common?


Why do you think so animals have certain body parts?

You could even have a go at creating your own bizarre beast by following the instructions on the activity sheet below!