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Bubble snakes are super easy to make and great fun for children of all ages. Younger children will enjoy blowing lots of bubbles easily, while older children can design their own bubbles snakes and even create an investigation using them.


What you will need:

- Plastic Bottle

- Elastic Band

- Cloth/old sock

- Bubble Mix (pre made or home made using washing up liquid and water). 

- Scissors (please make sure an adult helps you with the cutting). 



1.  Cut the bottom off your water bottle – ask an adult to help and be careful as the end might be sharp.

2. Cover the end of the bottle with a piece of cloth and secure tightly with an elastic band.

3. Dip the cloth end into bubble mix

4. Blow carefully down the other end of the bottle and watch as a bubble snake appears!


Remember to blow down the bottle NOT suck otherwise the bubble mix will go in your mouth!


Things to think about:

- What colours can you see in the bubbles?

- What happens if you blow quickly?

- What happens if you blow slowly?

- Do bubbles last longer in the sun or in the shade?



- Use a different material on the end of your bottle. What happens to the bubbles?

- What material makes bigger bubbles?

- What material makes smaller bubbles?


Facts to find out:

Why are bubbles round?

Why can you see different colours on a bubble?

Can you make bubbles with just water?