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Step by step instructions on how to make your own version of The Chicken Game

First draw your own mother hens. You will need 4. They need to be about as tall as your grown up's thumb.

Then carefully cut your mother hens out.

Next draw some details on to your hen. I kept it simple and just added tail feathers, wing feathers and an eye.

After that colour your mother hen in. You can choose any colours you like, but make sure that they are different. Don't make it too complicated because you also have to make 3 little chicks the same.

Next cut a rectangular strip of card. My strips were roughly 1cm x 5cm long. You'll need 4 strips of card, one for each hen.

Then loop your strip of card into a circle shape and stick the ends with a piece of sticky tape. You'll need to do this 4 times for each strip of card you've cut.

​​Glue your mother hens on to the circle shaped pieces of card you've made. The circle shapes will make them stand up by themselves. 

Next draw, cut out and colour your little chicks. Remember to have 3 chicks the same colour as each of your hens.

Then draw your game board, if you have card at home you can use that. If not then use the back of an old cereal box, or any other cardboard boxes you find lying around.

Now decorate your game board in any way you like.

Finally you're ready to play. You'll need a dice. Ask your grown up, or find some cuddly friends to play with you. Have fun!

Challenge: If you've decided to make this board game, maybe you could write instructions like I did explaining how you made it. Don't forget to use times words like....First, then, next, after that and finally.