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Welcome to Sycamore class 2019-2020!


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The Great Fire of London

Look at the Year 2 page to see what exciting things we have done.

Mrs Fisher, Ms Thomas and Super Sycamore!

Creative Arts Week!

We have had great fun this week. 

Our art was based around the work of Kandinsky and we explored colour mixing to find different tones of the same colour and experimented with simple patterns to create eye-catching artwork.  

On Monday we were lucky to have have a dance teacher called India in school to teach us a new routine and on Tuesday coach Carley worked with us and Mrs Fisher on developing gymnastic skills. 

Our RE topic was 'Bread'.  We tasted lots of different types of bread and on Friday even made our own!  We now know lots about Shabbat - the Jewish day of rest celebrated on a Saturday.

During our guided reading we have been learning some library skills.  Our library is now looking lovely and tidy! Next week we will learn about the Dewey system.

 Sycamore class have also been looking after 'Charlie' the rabbit all week and on Friday 'Doodle' the guinea pig.  Children have enjoyed stroking and feeding them both.

What an amazing week it has been!

On 23rd of September we went to the New Forest Wildlife Park to find out as many facts as possible about our local wildlife and in particular facts about owls and wolves.  We were treated to a wonderful talk about wolves and watched them being fed.  We also got to see an owl up close.  'Hobbit' was a beautiful white colour and she kept turning her head to look at us!  The weather was kind and a fabulous day was had by all.
Our launch of Wicked Wolves and Wise Owls Fact or Fiction was a great success with all children coming dressed as characters from books with wolves or owls in them.  We shared each others books and thought about how wolves and owls are portrayed in books.  
Look at our super maths.  We are learning about place value.