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Uniform Information

We encourage all children to wear their full

school uniform with pride.

School uniform is available from:


Totton Shopping Centre,

1 Commercial Road,

Totton, Email: Please check in store for prices

Monday – Friday 9am – 5.30 p.m. Saturday 9 am – 5 p.m. or online at


School Uniform

All children wear...

  • Royal Blue Outdoor ‘Marchwood C of E Infants’ Fleece or Waterproof Jacket or suitable coat/jacket.
  • Royal Blue Sweat-shirt, jumper or cardigan with 'Marchwood C of E Infants' logo (logo optional)
  • White or pale blue Shirt/blouse, to be worn without a tie or white or pale blue polo shirt (Logo available)
  • Grey skirt, pinafore dress, short or long trousers
  • Blue and white gingham Summer dress - any style suitable for school.
  • Black shoes, suitable for school (no open toes)
  • White/grey socks or grey tights


For Inside and Outside P.E.

  • Navy blue shorts,
  • Royal blue 'Marchwood C of E Infants' T shirt,
  • Long tracksuit bottoms and long sleeved tracksuit top or sweatshirt
  • Trainers - non-marking soles.

Please note:

 Reception Children only need these for the Summer Term, but they do need a T shirt when they start.


Every child should have a good-sized drawstring cloth bag to hold P.E. kit, with their name embroidered or otherwise marked in large letters on one side. This bag hangs on their peg and stays in school. The kit is sent home at holiday times for washing. All children require their PE kit in school from day one of each term.



If parents are in receipt of income support please make contact with the school office as we will be able to offer advice in how to access possible support towards uniform costs.

All Items Must be Clearly Marked with your child's Name.


With this in mind we have registered with Label Planet who sell 'Stikins' name labels that require no sewing or ironing.  We receive 30% commission on sales for school funds. Please follow the link for more details of their products.  Our school number is    12903

Thank you


New to our school mid-year?

Please note a School Logo Book Bag and water bottle will be provided on your child's first day free of charge.  (funded by the PTA)


Replacement Book Bags can be bought from Skool Kit. Water bottles (£1.20) and spare lids (50p) are available from the school office.

22nd May 2020



Hello Parents/Carers, we hope everyone is safe and well.

June 1st is the provisional date given by the Government for non-essential retailers like Skoolkit to reopen. So, we would like to update you with our plans to help this happen and to hopefully cover any questions.


We have a social responsibility to not attract large numbers to our shops to maintain social distancing measures, so where possible we would like to encourage customers to buy from our website. Please use the FAQ on our website to help answer any questions you may have regarding ordering online.


Regrettably our usual “discount week” has been suspended for this year, however we will be offering free delivery codes for uniforms purchased on-line on specific dates as follows: Just enter the code at the checkout.


26th - 28th JUNE 2020 – JUNEDEL20

27th JUNE - 26th JULY– SUMMER2020

29th -31st JULY 2020 –   JULYDEL20

5th - 7th AUGUST 2020 – AUGDEL20


If you do need to visit our shops please buy early to help avoid crowds building up through the summer. There will be queues for uniform and service will take longer than usual but we aim to move customers through as safely as possible and we will be observing all Government guidelines including:

  1. Providing staff with PPE as advised
  2. Providing hand sanitiser in-store for use by staff and customers
  3. Installing cough/sneeze guards
  4. Observing 2 metre social distancing rule by using a one-way flow system through stores with floor markings and signage.
  5. Limiting the number of people who can be inside a shop at any given time. With only one adult with their children where possible.
  6. Limiting the use of fitting rooms so that they are only used where absolutely necessary
  7. Limiting customers’ handling of uniform. So, please come prepared with size information (Refer to for size guides)
  8. Encouraging the use of card payment