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Well Done to..!

Week Beginning 15th June 2020


Year R - Olivia D, Ben C.


Year 1 - Kairi R, Annabelle C.


Year 2 -




Thank you for taking your lovely work and achievements to share with Mr Calvert this week.

Well done to you all for trying your very, very best!


In our school we have some great "S.T.A.R." principles, which we hope all children will try hard to achieve.


The S.T.A.R. principles are :


S - to SMILE and be kind to each other and to those people we meet


T - to TAKE OWNERSHIP for our own behaviours and for the learning resources we use


A - to pay ATTENTION to details - from saying "please and thank you " to trying our best in maths, reading and writing and knowing how to be a successful learner


R - to REACH for goals and to be a STAR !


Children who have been celebrated this year for achieving the STAR principles are:


Year R - Everly K.


Year 1 - Alice J, Oliver B, Lily D, Jack J, Edward R,

              Isabella V, Sienna M, Eira C.


Year 2 - Imogen M, Bryony A, Isabelle V, Charlotte P, Caleb G,

               Kayla G, Poppy S, Violet M, Ella J, Molly S,

               Charlotte D, Glen B, Bethany L, Hallie-May S,

               Shaelyn-Rose R, Evie-Rose B.