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What changes did Jesus make to others?

In Spring we thought really carefully about our experiences of change and the things we could now do that we couldn't do before like writing our names or riding a bike.  We discussed how change affects us and recorded some changes at school, in our classroom or in the wider community that we would like to make.  

"I'd like to change people littering because it can kill the animals in the ocean."

We discussed whether changes were always good or not.


After looking at some pictures of famous change makers like the Queen, Jesus and Nelson Mandela we thought about the friends that Jesus selected to be his change makers and how they were normal people with everyday jobs.  We discussed what changes Jesus had made to the lives of his Disciples and how he continues to make changes to people's lives today. 


We listened to and watched the story of Zaccheaus and then made some music to represent how he changed from being a selfish, greedy thief to a man who was sorry for his actions.  Some children said it reminded them of the "Selfish Crocodile" character that we studied last half term.  

Finally we thought about ourselves as change makers and wrote down what we were able to change.  

"If I heard someone saying unkind things, I would change it and ask them to stop."

"If I saw someone running in the corridor, I would change it and remind them to walk." 


Zacchaeus 1
Zacchaeus 2
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