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What Makes Our School Special

A note about "What makes our school so special"


Dear Reader

I am repeatedly told by visitors to the school that I am very lucky to work in a school with such a lovely, caring feel to it. A school where everyone is so friendly and the children are so well behaved and happy. A school where our school values of Love, Trust and Truth are tangible.


I always make a point of thanking visitors for their kind words and tell them that it is a team effort and that I will pass on their kind comments to staff and governors. 


What makes our school so special?

It really is the children... AND... the lovely professional staff (who know how to nurture and develop an ethos of tangible Christian values with both children and the school community)... AND... our simple, age appropriate expectations and aim of encouraging children try their very best to live life fully in a way that celebrates everyone


I believe there isn't any luck involved! We are who we are because we care. We have a special school because of the way in which we proactively work to meet the needs of our children and parents in our Church of England Infant School community.


Don't just take my word for it! Please arrange to make a visit to the school to see for yourself! 

From Mr Calvert


In the meantime...

- here are some statements written by parents who have recently visited the school to observe and take part in some of our Collective Worships...

Year R Parents

"I'm really proud of all the children and teachers" (DG)

"Such a wonderful, joyful & uplifting Collective Worship. What a happy school!" (S D-W)

"I feel very grateful that my daughter attends such a wonderful school" (AH)

"Very uplifting! :)" (JB)

"Loved the enthusiasm the children shared, obviously a very happy school!" (YrR Anon)

"Very cute - lovely to see all of the children joining in together and sharing their celebrations. Very confident singing and the children clearly recognise the routines of the event" (C&RY)

Year 1 Parents

"Thank you - Joyous!" (Yr1 Anon)

"It was lovely to be invited to share all the celebrations. Mr C has a wonderful rapport with the children ... Lovely to have had a sing along and enjoy the sense of occasion with everyone." (Yr1 Anon)

"Children's prayers, birthday celebrations and singing. Reference to God - Lovely" (Yr1 Anon)

Year 2 Parents

"It is always lovely to come into school and feel part of the Marchwood community. The Collective Worship was very uplifting, particularly to celebrate children's achievements."

(Yr2 Anon)

"Thank you for another fantastically uplifting Collective Worship." (S D-W)

"Keep celebrating! It's so wonderful to see all the happy, smiling faces and for so many children and their efforts to be celebrated. The highlight of the week! The warmth and love in the room is contagious. Keep doing what you're doing - It's fab!" (SC)

"Very well organised. Children all well behaved. Enjoyable and inspiring. The values and discipline at the school make such a difference to the children's lives." (AS)


Thank you everyone! Please continue to visit us and please continue to offer your thoughts so we can be the best we can be.


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The Year R Base
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