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Y1 English Workshop 15/1/2019

Just some of the comments from parents who attended the English workshop.

  • This was really useful to remind ourselves how the children go through the various stages.  These sessions are so good. I'd like to see them happen again if possible, not necessarily new ones but  repeat what we have done.
  • It was a great reminder on how far the children have come since the days of mark making.  The activities were great, thought provoking and showed how much the children can do. Ideal time of day and duration of session.
  • There were great ideas that I can  use such as using pictures to help my daughter build sentences.  I also have took away the adding a word to the sentence to build vocabulary.  really enjoyable morning.  Thank you.
  • Very informative.  Good for the children and adults!
  • It's good to see how they learn, the different techniques used really work.  I'm very impressed with the progress made. Thank you for sharing.
  • Very good and informative.  Some good teaching points made. Provided clear guidance for home learning.