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Year 1

What a wonderful day we had celebrating the wedding of Betty O'Barley and Harry O' Hay! All the Year 1  wedding guests arrived promptly at 9am, dressed in their smartest wedding clothes. They enjoyed a carousel of activities that Harry and Betty had organised. This included a treasure hunt to find all of the things that Betty would need for her special day, decorating a wedding outfit or cake with collage, and listening to and acting out the whole story of The Scarecrows Wedding. At 11:10 sharp the guests were gathered into the hall to witness the wedding ceremony. Betty looked lovely with feathers on her skirt and flowers in her hair, and Harry looked like a very handsome scarecrow wearing his best dungarees and scarf, he even polished his wellies for the special day!

After the scarecrows had taken their vows and exchanged Haribo rings as a symbol of the special promises they had made to each other, the wedding guests enjoyed a banquet of food and some scarecrow wedding dancing. 


Thank you to all parents for sending your children into school looking so smart. We hope they really enjoyed their special Scarecrow's Wedding!

We hope that this wonderful topic launch will really engage the children in the meaningful learning opportunities we have planned this term. 

Our writing this half term will be based on the book of

The Scarecrow’s Wedding


Purpose: To entertain and engage the reader

Form: Narrative

Outcomes: To write invitations, lists and stories and engage in talk for writing and role play activities



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