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Welcome to Year 2

Week 13 and Summer Holidays


Wow! What an unusual term it has been.  We hope you are all still keeping happy and healthy and are now looking forward to starting the next stage in your education.  There are many ways you can keep practising your skills over the Summer Holidays and we hope the following will give you some ideas.  Please parents have a read through and help your children settle in September as quickly as possible.


As parents, you can make the most difference by supporting your child on a daily basis in their home learning opportunities (reading, writing and maths as well as exploration of the world in which they live).  Explore ways of practising, practising and more practising! This will allow your child to deepen and embed knowledge and understanding and develop in their ‘learning for life’ (and we all know that “practise makes perfect!”)


To help you support your child in their preparations for Year 3 – here are a few suggestions to keep your child’s ‘learning brain’ ticking over the holiday period:


  • Read every day – using phonics (letter sounds and blends of letters such as ‘th’ ‘ee’) to build unfamiliar and more challenging words. Also read to them regularly, choosing books that are above their reading ability
  • Encourage speaking in full sentences, using the correct grammar and tense and by listening and responding to questions. (Note: children must be able to speak a full and correct sentence before they can write one, including more ambitious and technically challenging sentences as they become more fluent writers)
  • Counting forwards and backwards and in multiples (2x / 3x / 5x / 10x) by playing board games and by practically using money and time
  • Crucially - write for a purpose. Remember that children are most successful in their writing and write best when they have talked through what they want to write first. This is called ‘talk for writing’. Create a ‘scrap book diary’ of what your child experiences in their summer break and collect photos, pictures and information to illustrate what they have been up to. Help your child to annotate the pages and share their scrap book diary with relatives.
  • Explore the world together as a family – your children are still so very young and visits to the park, the forest or to the beach and all that our local area has to offer will provide a learning environment within which your child will be stimulated and challenged physically, emotionally and intellectually.

Have fun learning together!


Remember there are also still many websites available.  BBC Bitesize Daily has a wealth of resources to pick from which will inspire and engage your children.  It also offers KS1 online games to practise key English, Maths and Science skills.  The children love Karate cats Maths and English and Galaxy Pugs Science.  The games are best played initially with you around as children can ask questions when they don't understand, making it more enjoyable for them and also giving you a better understanding of where they are in their learning.

There are also some small end of topic workbooks available on White Rose Maths. See the link below.


We hope you have a wonderful Summer together and wish you all a great Year 3


Yr 2 Thank you to the teachers

While the school is closed due to the Covid-19 Coronavirus - here are some suggested ideas, activities and home learning opportunities should your child be well enough to complete them. Please contact the school if further advice or information is required about the tasks. 

When you do activities on Purple Mash don't forget to save it and hand it in. Then your teachers can see it and maybe write you a little message.

Don't forget to check your alerts as well as your 2Dos.

Have fun.

Click below to download a Social Story from The Junior School.

Summer Week 12

week beginning 13th July

Summer Term Week 11

week beginning 6th July

Summer Term Week 10

week beginning 29th June

Summer Term  Week 9

week beginning 22nd June

Summer Term Week 8

week beginning 15.6.20

Summer Term Week 7

week beginning 8.6.20

In Maths this week we are looking at building up our fluency and exercising our mathematical thinking. There are also daily activities set on Purple Mash so don't forget to have a look at those too.


Summer Term Week 6

week beginning 1.6.20

This half term we will be putting on the website the same work that we will be doing in school. You will find it on BBC Bitesize and White Rose Maths. There is a short video for each subject and then an activity to complete.  Just dip in and do what you can.

Miss Locke has put together a Geography project (link below!) that you can think about the next time you are at the beach!

Keep doing all those great things you have been doing over the last weeks. You are all amazing.


Half Term Week May 25th - May 29th

As this is half term you should enjoy the time with your families.  Help prepare picnics, go for walks, talk and play lots!  If you would like work to do this week, activities continue to be available through purplemash and all of the other websites previously provided.  We will be putting links to more learning on for the week beginning June 1st. Have a lovely week together from all in the Year 2 team.

Summer Term Weeks 4 and 5

Here are our next modules of work that you can dip into over the next couple of weeks.


Can we also encourage you to look at the BBC Bitesize 5-7 activities either the daily programmes through the red button on your TV or the BBC Bitesize website material. There is also daily lessons on the Government's site The Oak National Academy.


Don't forget the Purple Mash activities that your teachers have set and remember to hand them in. There are also daily lessons here which are listed as Weekly Activities on the right hand side of the home page.



Summer Term Weeks 1 - 3


We have put blocks of work in for each subject area which can last over the coming 3 weeks. Click on the subject icon to see each block. If you have a printer you can print off the sheets but for many of the tasks you could just write your answers in your home learning books of files.

The following link will take you to all past Year 2 SATS papers.  Completing any of these will help your child in their up and coming SATS.  The maths papers contain a broad range of questions and most topics have been covered in class.  Reading for comprehension is very important so time spent on this will also be beneficial.  The grammar and punctuation paper will ensure your child does not forget key skills.


Your children also have access to Purple Mash at home and have all been sent their own login details. They also need to check their To Dos.

  Please keep reading with your children, use the opportunity to talk, play games, do some art or cooking together.  


There are also some additional website links and tasks below.


We wish all of you good health and look forward to seeing you back in school.


Story Writing Competition Home Learning 10.1.2020

Waterside Christmas Carol Concert

I was so incredibly proud of our Year 2 Choir who took part in the Waterside Christmas Carol Concert hosted at Applemore College. We were one of eleven schools who took part and the children were amazing. They, behaved so well, sang beautifully and kept on smiling even though, as some of them said, it was quite scary!

Congratulations Choir you were fantastic ambassadors for our school.

Thank you from Mrs Rhodes


Still image for this video

The Great Fire of London Comes to School!


We have been learning about the Great Fire of London this half

term. Last week we made houses out of cardboard and paper to look like those that would have been in London in 1666. This week Mr. Rule and Miss. Thomas laid them all out on the school field to look like a street. They were very close together. Then Mr. Rule set light to one of the houses and we watched as the fire spread along them all. It was very exciting. Some children tried to put the fire out by pretending they had buckets of water that were passed along the line... it didn't work. Then Miss Thomas waved a large board to make some wind, that made the fire worse. Finally one house was knocked over to make a gap in the line. Only then were the rest of the houses saved.


Talk to your child about their amazing experience and see how much they can teach you about the Great Fire of London.

Year 2 Curriculum Evening Powerpoint and Welcome to Year 2