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Welcome to Year R

Our wonderful world through the eyes of our little creatures. 


Take a a look at how much our little visitors have grown!! It has been fantastic watching them grow and seeing the changes right in front of our eyes. 

Collective Worship-Introduction to Islam


In our group Collective Worship we heard the story of Hambali, a Muslim boy from Indonesia. Hambali goes to a Mosque to pray to God (Allah) and to learn the teachings from the Qur'an, the Muslim's special book. We discussed the similarities between being a Muslim and a Christian. Christians go to church to pray to God and their special book is the Bible.

We learnt about the festival of Ramadan, the month of fasting. Fasting means going without food and drink and teaches Muslims to be grateful for what they have.

What are you thankful to God for?

Can you find out any more information about Muslims?

Picture 1
Picture 1

We have chicks!

When we come back after the Easter Holidays we found some eggs had arrived in the base. On Monday 29th April the first egg started cracking, the children were so excited they got to watch the chicks come out of the eggs! The children have been helping look after them and have really enjoyed observing them and talking to them. 


Along with heading to the church for our Easter service, we also had our Easter egg hunt. The children had to search round the playground finding the eggs, they had to match 2 together to find a cvc word. 

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