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Vision and Values



Our School Mission Statement

‘Learning for Life’

Our mission is to immerse children in a quality teaching and learning environment which is vibrantly resourced for the purpose of supporting children in their ‘learning for life’.

Marchwood C of E Infant School actively promotes Christian values, and focuses on Love, Trust & Truth as our main values for study. We believe that in creating a warm Christian atmosphere within which children can learn and play, children feel safe, happy and valued. They are able to flourish and experience God's wonderful world in all its fullness. We also believe in placing fun at the centre of children’s learning.

At Marchwood C of E Infant School we encourage and support children’s personal development and their understanding of the world in which they live. As children move through the earliest years of their education we encourage and develop children spiritually, socially, emotionally, morally, culturally and educationally.


The school's Terms of Union with the National Society

Our lovely Church School has been in Marchwood since it's foundation in 1854.The school has a Terms of Union with the National Society, which  gives direction to our school mission and vision for education. This document is displayed prominently in the main school entrance. Please see below for a scanned image of this document.


Our School Aims


Our school aims are reflected within our school development plan, which focuses on rich and memorable opportunities for learning. We focus on consistency, progression, continuity and quality provision for all.


We aim:

  • to develop children’s age appropriate understanding of what it means to have a faith
  • to pursue an understanding of the Christian Values of Love, Trust & Truth
  • to work in partnership with the Church and the wider school community to enrich children’s lives and learning experiences
  • to provide children with consistently challenging yet supportive learning opportunities where risk taking is encouraged and where children can learn from their mistakes
  • to celebrate progress, achievement, best effort and attendance
  • to work in partnership with children’s families so that school based learning is understood and can be built upon and where home learning is encouraged and valued
  • to develop children as independent learners, able to choose appropriate resources and strategies that will be the best ones for the task at hand
  • to provide children with regular opportunities to evaluate and further improve their work so that they know what they need to do in order to improve over the year and longer term
  • to develop children’s social and emotional skills and maintain our high expectations of behaviour


This is our commitment to all the children in our care.

At Marchwood Church of England Infant School, we believe every child matters. Each child is precious and each child is unique. We are confident in our ability to prepare children to be lifelong learners and to make a positive contribution to the world in which they live.

Bite Size Calendar of Christian Values

Our Christian Vision for Education

Terms of Union with the National Society