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Lunch Menus

Please note: from Monday 4th November 2019 , the kitchen will be once again offering a Jacket Potato Option (Purple Lunch) for children.  This will be in addition to the usual Red and Green meal choices (see current menu link below).  The Jacket fillings will be different on each day of the week.  Please note that these are set fillings and cannot be substituted.  The Jacket Potato Lunch includes dessert, water is available on the table as for our cooked meal.


Purple Lunch - Jacket Potato- Available from 4th November 2019

Monday - Cheese and Beans

Tuesday - Tuna Mayo

Wednesday - Pork Sausage

Thursday - Beef Chilli (mild)

Friday - Cheese


All Infant School children are entitled to receive a free school meal (called Universal Free School Meal UFSM). Government funding subsidises free school meals. Children have their mid-day meal in the hall supervised by Mrs Bull, the Senior Supervisory Assistant and eight Supervisory Assistants. A nourishing, cooked meal is available, prepared in our own school kitchen. The children select from the HC3S Menu offering a choice of two meals, one meat, and one vegetarian. These are known as the ‘red dinner’ and the ‘green dinner’ and the children make their choice in their class and use a ticket system when collecting their meal.


Children not taking the free school meal, may bring a packed lunch (no sweets, peanuts/peanut spread or chocolates please). Water is available for children to drink, but children who have a packed lunch may bring a drink in a carton, plastic flask or plastic bottle. We have found drinks in small plastic bottles with a screw top lid are leak proof and therefore most sensible.


Healthy eating is promoted in School with mid-morning snacks of fruit and vegetables provided through the County Fruit and Vegetable scheme.

Morning milk is also available for free until your child's 5th birthday then there is a small fee.  Please register and pay for milk via the Cool Milk Link above. (when starting in Year R, please inform us of any milk allergies before the start of term)


Every child is given a water bottle (funded by the PTA) when they start school and learn it is their responsibility to bring it every day and drink water throughout the day. Please note NO fruit or fizzy or juice drinks are allowed in children’s water bottles and the school reserves the right to change contents of water bottles should this rule be broken. If for medical reasons an alternative drink is provided by the home, a letter should be submitted to the school with supporting evidence from a GP.