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Remote Learning

 Remote Learning Planning

We want to make sure that in the event of the school closing for an isolation period (due to COVID) that all children are able to access their learning from home. This part of the website will provide you with information on how we will communicate with you and how the teachers will continue to support the children whilst they are at home.

Class Communication Platform – Seesaw Class


Our priority is to ensure that the teachers can keep in touch with their classes as much as possible during this time. In order to do this the children have all been assigned a log-in for Seesaw Class. This is an App which you can download on your phone or tablet and/or you can access online.

Each child has a unique log-in code to access Seesaw. When signing in with their unique log-in code, children can post to their journal, respond to activities, and view class announcements. Children do not see the work of any other children in the class.


School Closure Plans – Day 1 and Day 2

In the event of a school closure we have prepared maths, English and reading planning for your child which will cover their learning for the first two days of closure. This allows teachers time to adapt their current learning plans ready for on-going use at home. These two-day plans have been created by the class teachers and focus on the children practising core skills that are age appropriate. Please remember that all children are at different stages in their learning and require different levels of support. In order to support this we have created a daily plan where the ‘key learning skills’ can be practised through three different challenges. Please see the flowchart below for guidance on how to use these challenges.




KS1 Additional

In addition to the maths, English and reading plans children in KS1 will also receive a themed Learning Curriculum Pack (created by the Hampshire Teaching and Learning Team). These packs are intended to support children at home during the first few days of any isolation period and will supplement the English and maths work that the teachers set. It is a creative resource of different activities based on a variety of foundation subjects and linked to the National Curriculum. They will build on existing skills whilst encouraging pupils to demonstrate appropriate independence.


Using the Curriculum Pack (Hampshire) resource

  • Each resource contains an overarching theme and most activities relate to this
  • There is no time limit to the activities, although each one could take approximately 2 to 3 hours to complete (approximately half a day) and could be spread across a few days if necessary


  • Each pack of activities is suitable for the specific Key Stage and will make links to the National Curriculum objectives for those Key Stages
  • Pupils could be directed to particular activities or allowed free choice

Tips for Home Learning

We appreciate that supporting your child with home learning can be challenging especially for working parents and those with younger siblings who are not at school. Here are a few tips we hope will be helpful for you:

  • Learning at home is very different to learning at school but try to establish a routine with your child.
  • Children will not necessarily be able to read the plans themselves and understand what they are meant to be doing so please take time to read through the learning with your child and help explain the challenges they have been given.
  • Children will need varying levels of support throughout a challenge so be available to offer this support whilst also encouraging independence. If your child appears to be becoming overly frustrated or distressed pop back to explain the challenge again, maybe help them with one or two examples, before allowing them an opportunity to try again independently.

School Closure Plans – Long-term

For the first two days of school closure you will be accessing the two-day plans that have been outlined above. During these two-days the class teachers will be adapting their current learning journeys to send home to you. This means that the learning you are doing at home will be current and links to the children’s prior learning in class.

These plans will be shared with you via Seesaw Class and will also be uploaded onto the website under your class section of the webpage Remote Learning. Please remember that the class teacher will be able to communicate with you throughout this time via Seesaw and your child will be able to post their home learning for their teacher to provide feedback.